BOSCH Nozzle Tester H-S/KDEP 99A

BOSCH Nozzle Tester H-S/KDEP 99A
For Checking
– Injector Opening Pressure
– Nozzle seat tightness
– Spray Pattern / atomisation

Nozzle Tester H-S/KDEP 99A
The Bosch Ltd. and BOSCH Nozzle Tester has been acknowledged by diesel engineers and specialists to be the finest machine of its type available. It is developed utilising decades of experience in the design, manufacture and testing of nozzles. It can test several parameters like injection pressure, leakage, repetition, spray pattern and atomisation.
Features/ Benefits

Injection pump mounted on a base and operated with a hand lever
Test oil container with filter
Shut-off valve to isolate the pressure gauge while operating hand lever at high speed
Pressure gauge
High pressure pipes for connecting the injector