Bosch Electrical Test Bench

Bosch Mico Electrical Test Bench
Test bench to evaluate Alternators, Self Starters.

Auto Electrical Test Bench H-S/ EFEP 145
Bosch Ltd. and Bosch introduces the user friendly, hi-tech Auto Electrical Test Bench. The test bench is compact and enables easy, fast and accurate testing of a wide range of alternators and starter motors. The test bench can be operated at two speeds, ensuring thorough testing both at higher and lower speeds. What’s more, it also includes vacuum testing and is easy to operate making it an ideal addition to your workshop.

Tabletop model
Built-in power source (no need of external battery)
Capable of testing 12V/ 24V systems
With digital Ammeter/ Voltmeter for easy reading
Provided with vacuum testing arrangement
Provided with 6V DC for testing excitation winding and 40/ 80V AC for testing shorting of armature/ starter/ rotor
12/ 24V starter motors up to 150A free-running current can be tested