• 12Jun

    Has your Car crossed 35000km or facing any of these problems?
    Starting – Will not start properly
    Idling – Uneven idling
    Performance – Lacking/Loss of power, Flat spots
    Economy – Poor fuel consumption, Expensive to run.
    Drivability – Drives poorly, hesitates, engine “pings”.
    Emissions – Fails emission test (PUC)
    Lambda Failure – Lacquering up, slow in response.
    Catalyst Failure – Failing or breaking but no fault found.
    Malfunction Indicator Light – Air/Fuel on EOBD

    Get your Injectors cleaned & tested today!
    Using the state-of-the-art BOSCH fuel injector
    testing & ultrasonic cleaning system.

    Ultrasonic cleaning is the only way to
    guarantee the injectors back to their
    original working conditions.

  • 10Jun

    Keeping up pace with the ever growing market needs, it gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of a New Product -BOSCH MICROPROCESSOR BASED ULTRASONIC CLEANING EQUIPMENT – which has been added to the Diagnostics Basket.
    This is an upgraded version of the existing UCE, which shall be no more available.


    • An absolutely clear alpha-numerical LCD display with backlit.
    • Completely water-proof flushed SS body making it almost water tight.
    • Tamper proof front panel.
    • Suitable for continuous operation.
    • Fully transistorized generator.

    Part No – F002H32077 4AR
    Alpha No – ( H-S/EFEP 255 )

  • 07Jun

    World-Class Bosch Service now for your car.

    Bosch is renowned worldwide for over 100 years in the field of automotive technology. The Company is synonymous for world-class automotive products. Besides pioneering the manufacturing of components, Bosch has also established over 9200 service centers across the world. Among these is the Bosch Car Service, a state-of-the-art service centre for cars.

    At the Bosch Car Service Centre, your car will be treated with an excellent blend of sophisticated diagnostic equipment and well trained experts who provide quality service. The Bosch Car Service includes all aspects of your car, and each section will receive the best attention from our experts.

    So, drive to the Bosch Car Service Centre today and avail the world-class facility that comes to you at a reasonable cost! Give your car the never before experience and that’s Bosch Car Service for you.

    Bosch Service Advantage

    A brand name that stands for reliability and technology

    Worldwide experience

    Trained personnel

    State-of-the-art equipment

    Comprehensive diagnosis

    A name you car trust on
    Unparalleled customer service

    Genuine Bosch products

    Car serviced in line with German standards

    Breakdown service, just a call away

    Cost benefit

    Service Offered

    • Engine Diagnosis and repairs
    • Vehicle Fault Diagnosis & Repairs
    • ECM Diagnosis using Computer aided service
    • Petrol, Diesel (OBD) Airbags, ABS fault diagnosis
    • Using KTS-550 wit ESI[tronic]
    • Electrical Service
    • Alternator Repair
    • Starter Repair
    • Battery Service
    • Lighting & Beam focusing
    • Injector cleaning and testing

    Using Bosch ASNU injector cleaner
    Air Condition Repair
    Using Tronic fully automatic A/C gas filling equipment, R134 gas supported for all new generation cars
    Wheel Alignment and Balancing
    Using the most sophisticated aligner DSP600 and GSP9700 Balancer from Hunter Engineering, USA
    Painting and accident jobs
    Washing and lubrication
    General service

  • 01Jun

    In pursuit to create an online community of Bosch car service in India (BCS)
    Visit bcs.fansamotors.com

    To create an extensive knowledge base
    To let customers know about BCS
    To excel the growth.
    And much more.

    A initiative by Afzal Ahmed of Fansa Motors

  • 08Oct

    State of the art technology requires the latest, comprehensive training programmes.
    Increasingly complex vehicle systems require ever more qualified diagnoses for professional repair and service. Electronically controlled gasoline and diesel injection systems are no longer the exception, but rather the rule. Additionally, the developments in vehicle chassis, body, drive train, steering and comfort control systems continue to progress rapidly. Routine service procedures are now requiring the use of diagnostic equipment and detailed systems understanding.

    At Bosch, we see these developments and the requirements of the modern technician as opportunities. Rarely before has there been the prospect of driving the automotive aftermarket forward in such a dynamic and advanced manner. The practical training that we offer originating from our Bosch Service Training Centre in Bangalore, enables us to provide technicians with the core skills, competence and hands-on confidence required to take on both modern automotive service, and diagnostic interrogation and resolution.

    Bosch Training Center, Bangalore
    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Center

    Bosch Training Centre
    Automotive Aftermarket.
    Motor Industries Co. Ltd.
    Naganathapura Plant
    Electronic City P.O.
    Post Box No. 6887
    Bangalore – 560 100
    Tel.: + 91 80 4103 5541

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