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    To provide a quality, reliable and flexible, Sales and service to all our customers that far exceeds their expectations

    Good news for car owner the finest resource for the storage of their cars, in a secure, temperature – controlled environment, and to make available a wide range of services aimed at providing a total car care plan, at an affordable and competitive price.

    • Secure and Discreet storage for all Classic, sports, executive and prestige vehicles
    • Total secure your car from Snakes, Rats, Cats entering undercarriage into ventilation than inside the car. Petrol/Diesel sound system theft. Body damages, scratches during removal/parking the car.
    • We design Car locker as per car length, height, width. Different sizes with high grade steel. It can be remove/refit easy.
    • Fansa We can fit Fansa Car Locker on your complex parking area. Villas,
    • car locker can be easy remove/refit.
    • We provide locker different sizes to suit your big and small cars storage
    • We can arrange to collect/deliver customers from within twin city and Nampally, Secudrabad railway station , Indra Gandhi international airport.
    • Custom exercise, and maintenance options
    • Long ,short term holiday storage.
    • Servicing, repairs.
    • Conveniently located, safe and tempreture controlled storage for your car.


    To store a vehicle for long periods in a ‘ready to go’ condition, requires 2 things. Firstly a dry controlled environment and secondly, personnel who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic enough take the time and trouble to ensure that any stored vehicle receives the appropriate care.

    Vehicle Storage is run by the proprietor, Afsar Ahmed, is not just an enthusiast; he served an in General Motors,Volvo,  Renualt, for 25 years. Presently we are in frenchesee of Bosch  car Service.


    Fansa Car locker was established to provide dry and secure long or short term storage for classic, sports and executive vehicles or those undergoing restoration.


    The premises are situated at near Shamshabad International Airport.

    The business was established by Afsar Ahmed who served and worked in General Motors, Volvo, Renault, Deaweo to name just a few!! With over 30 years experience in the Motor repaire and maintenance. Now he is proprietor FANSA MOTRS Bosch Car Service. He clearly understands the care and maintenance that is needed to keep classic and sports cars in pristine condition thus ensuring their trouble free use.

    Vehicle Storage offers 3 standard levels of storage, Premier Gold, Silver and Bronze, but with the various additional service options available, packages to meet your specific requirements can be easily compiled so feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

    Fansa Car Locker Vehicle Storage offer other services including, Vehicle sales, both our own and on behalf of our customers, full body restorations, accident repairs, servicing and general maintenance and AMC by arrangement. This service is only available to our existing customers.


    Fansa Car locker was established to provide dry and secure long or short term storage for classic, sports and executive vehicles or those undergoing restoration.

    Both rats and mice can cause serious damage to car electrical items, wiring. They often chew through cabling and this can cause a fire hazard.
    Mouse droppings and urinate you will find droppings and urine stains in various locations engine compartment, Dashboard. On average mice will do around 70-80 droppings per day.
    Some Cases of snakes entering cars from the undercarriage from there engine compartment. ventilation system, and from there get into the passenger compartment.
    Cats are common hide inside the engine compartment. When start engine either injured or dead.
    Petrol, Diesel, Sound system theft is very common .
    Normally those don’t like you whenever get chance they scratch and damage car paint..


    Afsar Ahmed,
    Himayath Nagar,
    Hyderabad. 500029,
    Andhra Pradesh.
    • 040 32238342
    • Fax:040 3221462
    • Mobile:9246546661
    • www.fansamotors.com
    • e-mail: admin@fansamotors.com

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    AEL-1 & VE-1 Training photographs….

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    • Comprehensive, professional service covering all aspects of the car
    • High-quality maintenance and repair by experienced, skilled and Company-trained professionals
    • Only genuine Bosch spare parts used
    • Reliable service at a fair price.
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    Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Managed by a veteran in automobile service, with almost 30 year experience in automobile aftermarket.

    At FANSA, we’re committed to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Our expert mechanics can recommend the right maintenance services to guide you, prolong the life of your car and avoid costly repairs in the future.

    Why should you visit FANSA MOTORS?
    Bosch trained Technicians – Experts in various automobiles.
    Major and Minor Repairs – All types of repairs offered
    Advanced Diagnostic Equipment – The latest, most advanced equipment, specially designed for new generation cars.
    Genuine Parts – Only top quality parts, fluids and materials are used.
    Computerized Four Wheel Alignment – Housing the most sophisticated Aligner ever made!! from Hunter Engineering, USA.
    Servicing a wide variety of vehicles, that include majors like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata etc

    We always provide preliminary estimates on vehicle repairs so that you know exactly what you will be paying for before the work is done.

    A look at our Workshop

    The equipment we use.

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