• 08Sep

    The ever increasing vehicle population in India has not only seen a growing replacement parts market but also a thriving trade of spurious products. Bosch Automotive Aftermarket has always been in the forefront to combat counterfeit products and ensure vehicle safety. Recently, Customs officials confiscated three consignments of spurious spark plugs based on Bosch findings.

    It has taken years of consistent performance by Indian auto component industry that global players are now finding India as a quality base for competitive products which can meet latest emission norms. Bosch is perhaps the only auto component manufacturer in India that has a dedicated Brand protection cell to spearhead the company’s anticounterfeiting drive. Bosch has been carrying out effective raids in India in almost all the states, for years, at wholesalers and retail outlets and more so at the manufacturing sources of the counterfeiters. Bosch conducted 701 raids during 2008 and this year till Aug. 2009 conducted 633 raids arresting 618 counterfeiters with the help of law enforcement agencies.


    Bosch officials with local authority scrap spurious spark plugs at Ghaziabad on Sept.5, 2009

    The past couple of years have seen the influx of spurious spark plugs from China. To curb this menace, the Government of India has come out with a system as part of a larger frame-work of ‘Border Procedure Rules’. Bosch had registered a complaint with the Customs officials, informing them about the type of infringement by importing spurious spark plugs from China. This had alerted the Customs officials and three consignments of spurious spark plugs were confiscated by Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai Customs.

    The Bangalore customs officials have confiscated 1000 nos of spurious spark plugs, meant for use in small generator sets and further investigation is on.

    The Chennai Customs officials confiscated two lakh spurious spark plugs meant for use on two-wheelers. The Delhi Customs officials seized 1,34,800 nos of spurious spark plugs, also meant for two-wheelers. These were imported by M/S. Lakshman Overseas, Noida. Based on our findings and after carrying out necessary investigations, the Customs officials were kind enough to hand over the spurious spark plugs to Bosch.

    These spurious spark plugs were scrapped in the presence of Customs officials to encourage the general public and traders to deal only with genuine parts. This is a rare gesture and achievement by Bosch which reiterates its commitment to combat the spurious and ensure vehicle safety while paving the way for sustainable growth.

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