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    May 26, 2009, Bangaloreecu

    Bosch Automotive Electronics India Private Limited (RBAI), a 100% subsidiary of the Bosch Group, today inaugurated its manufacturing plant at Naganathapura, Bangalore. The company will manufacture Electronic Control Units (ECU) for diesel and gasoline fuel injection systems in India Bosch has invested over Rs. 60 crores in this facility during 2008 and 2009 and plans an additional investment of Rs. 68 crores by 2010.

    Present at the inauguration were Dr. Bernd Bohr, Chairman, Automotive Group & Member, Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany; Dr. Volkmar Denner, Member, Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH and Mr. V K Viswanathan, Managing Director, Bosch Limited.

    Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Bernd Bohr, Chairman, Automotive Group, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany, said, “Bosch India is an important constituent of the worldwide Bosch family. We have made substantial investments for various expansion projects and new product introductions. This new facility of ECU is another significant step in that direction.”

    Electronic control units from Bosch integrate all required functions of modern engine control in a single unit. Main components of the ECU are microcontroller with software applications and power stages. Functions are integrated in a compact chip set which controls the fuel injection and ignition for motor vehicles. The software for the ECU was specifically developed for the requirements of emerging markets. The first batch of ECUs produced at Naganathapura will be supplied for Tata’s Nano model.

    Over the past few years, Bosch has been introducing its innovative products to the Indian market as part of its increased commitment to India. The company has already introduced the Common Rail Injection System for Diesel vehicles, which has revolutionized the Indian diesel car and SUV market. In near future, the Common Rail System will also be available in the Commercial Vehicle segment in India.

    In the gasoline segment, latest Bosch technology is in use in the Tata’s Nano. Another Bosch innovation, the Start-Stop system, which can save fuel consumption of 8-12%, is already in use in Mahindra’s Scorpio and Bolero models. The next in the offering is the Anti-lock Braking System, which will be manufactured in India from this year.

    Source: www.boschindia.com

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    h8h11bulbH8: F002H50109
    12v, 35w
    Holder: PGJ 19-1

    H11: F002H50110
    12v, 55w
    Holder: PGJ 19-2

    Price: Rs. 291.00

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    • The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division markets batteries, wiper blades, lighting, horns, brake systems and lubricants among other accessories
    • Some of the most popular automotive technology innovations like Common Rail Systems, ABS and ESP are Bosch innovations
    • Bosch invented the spark plug in 1902 and sold its 10 billionth in 2007
    • The company holds around 77,000 patents, patent applications and registered designs In 1903, the first Le Mans race was won using Bosch technology
    • Bosch was the development partner for the diesel fuel injection, supplying specially adapted common rail injection systems for Audi racing cars
    • The gasoline systems, brakes and auto electricals of the world’s most economical car –
      TATA Nano – were custom-developed by Bosch
    • Fuel injection systems for diesel traction on the Indian Railways are supplied by Bosch
    • Blaupunkt is a Bosch brand
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    AC Service

    The A/c evaporator is like a small radiator but instead of containing hot antifreeze it contains cold Freon gas.  The cold Freon gas passes through the evaporator thus making the evaporator very cold.  The a/c blower fan is located behind the evaporator and blows air across it and that cold air travels through the dash duct work and out the vents inside the car.  The a/c water you see dripping from under the passenger side of the car is coming from condensation at the evaporator core.

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