• 29Aug
    M&M Bolero

    M&M Bolero

    Bosch is pleased to inform the release of a new product.
    Starter for M & M vehicles, This is suitable for all M & M Vehicle with XDP engines (Commander, Bolero, Armada etc).

    Part Number : F 002 G20 715
    Description: Starter for Mahindra XDP engines
    MRP: Rs. 7579.00

  • 23Aug

    We are proud to announce that Bosch in India has been declared a Superbrand for the year 2008. A Superbrand is defined as a brand that has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors that customers, consciously or sub-consciously, want and recognise. Adefinition which epitomises Brand Bosch in India.

    For the last five decades, Bosch has consciously built strong emotional connects with its myriad stakeholders by providing not just products of world-class quality but customising them to meet local requirements. The service levels provided by Bosch are also exemplary. With one of the largest sales and service networks in the country, in the automotive field, Bosch products are available to customers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Constant innovation in service delivery mechanisms and regular training ensure the same high levels across a vast country like India through authorised workshops and Bosch Car Service stations.

    One of the first multinational corporations to set up shop in India, Bosch India has established market
    leadership in most of the product categories in which it operates, be it spark plugs or fuel injection equipment or filters.

    But the biggest strength of Bosch is the emotional connect it has not only with its employees but also with other business associates like the vendors and trade partners. Relationships which are characterised by longevity, goodwill and loyalty. Some of the major criteria for rating Bosch as a Superbrand.

    The Superbrands organisation is an independent arbiter on branding and aims to give ordinary customers an insight into the significant brands that touch their lives. It identifies brands that
    perform above and beyond other brands within their respective markets and pays tribute through its programmes in many key global markets and a series of brand focused books and publications in over 80 countries.

    This is the first step in our efforts to make Bosch a brand that inspires loyalty beyond reason. It is imperative that we capitalise on this important recognition and translate the brand’s strength into even more significant business success in future.

    Download Superbrand Bosch Document

  • 23Aug
    2wheeler Batteries

    2wheeler Batteries

    With new age customers demanding better performance, the time is right for Bosch to launch an all-new 2-wheeler battery which will function as a catalyst, transforming even an old bike into a powerful machine.

    The S5 2-wheeler battery will ensure optimum performance without any top up. It will provide 25% more power output and will have increased service life. The new battery will also be available in the S4 and S3 variants.

    Bosch is targeting specific markets to launch these batteries in different phases.

  • 14Aug

    Happy Independance Day!

    As India celebrates 61 years of Independence… We feel proud to celebrate the glory of India with you!

    Jawaharlal Nehru (Speech on Indian Independence Day, 1947).

    The day when India woke up to freedom back in 1947 was a day of great celebration. A country got rid of her foreign yoke and became a sovereign nation, she celebrated her sovereignty on this day – the triumph of numerous martyred souls. It was a day of fulfillment, it was the day of a new beginning, a birth of a nation.On the stroke of midnight, a country came into life again as the british handed over the governance of India to the Indian leaders.The long and difficult struggle had borne fruit at last, though the happiness was marred by the fact that the country was divided into India and Pakistan and the violent communal riots had left the countries permanently scarred.

    That was the price that India paid for her dearly bought freedom. The british government declared the country independent and left for their own shores. On the 15th of August, 1947, India became completely independent. It was on this historic date that Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime Minister of India, unfurled the Indian tricolor on the ramparts the magnificent Red Fort, symbolically marking the end of the british colonial rule.

  • 12Aug

    Bosch Screen Saver


    Bosch Screensaver (WIPER BLADE)
    This year, Bosch has developed an interesting screensaver application which can be downloaded on your personal computer, and forwarded to friends as well. This offers an opportunity to integrate personal photographs of your choice in between natural images, with permanent Bosch branding.
    Download Bosch Wiper ScreenSaver (Updated)

    Download brochure’s

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