• 12Jun

    Has your Car crossed 35000km or facing any of these problems?
    Starting – Will not start properly
    Idling – Uneven idling
    Performance – Lacking/Loss of power, Flat spots
    Economy – Poor fuel consumption, Expensive to run.
    Drivability – Drives poorly, hesitates, engine “pings”.
    Emissions – Fails emission test (PUC)
    Lambda Failure – Lacquering up, slow in response.
    Catalyst Failure – Failing or breaking but no fault found.
    Malfunction Indicator Light – Air/Fuel on EOBD

    Get your Injectors cleaned & tested today!
    Using the state-of-the-art BOSCH fuel injector
    testing & ultrasonic cleaning system.

    Ultrasonic cleaning is the only way to
    guarantee the injectors back to their
    original working conditions.

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