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    BOSCH Glow Plugs
    Part number: F002G50031 079
    The 4mm GLOW PLUGS

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    The operating principle of the EPS is basically the same as hydraulic power steering except for the following:

    • A torque sensor is used in place of the valve body unit
    • An electric assist motor is used in place of the hydraulic power cylinder
    • An EPS control unit is added

    The Honda Insight uses a variable-assist rack and pinion electric power steering (EPS) system rather than a typical hydraulic power steering system.

    A typical hydraulic power steering system is continually placing a small load on the engine, even when no steering assist is required. Because the EPS system only needs to draw electric power when steering assist is required, no extra energy is needed when cruising, improving fuel efficiency.

    Electric power steering (EPS) is mechanically simpler than a hydraulic system, meaning that it should be more reliable. The EPS system is also designed to provide good road feel and responsiveness. The Insight’s EPS system shares parts with the Honda S2000 steering system.

    Mechanical Construction
    The rack is unusual in that it is mounted high on the rear engine bulkhead, and that the tie rods engage the rack in the center. The high mount location is used for crash safety, as it keeps these components out of the Insight’s crumple zone.

    The tie rods are aluminum, and they connect to an ackerman arm that is mounted to the struts just below the spring seat.

    Electronic Construction
    The EPS control unit is mounted inside the car on the right side bulkhead, underneath the dash. It receives input from the vehicle speed sensor and torque sensor mounted on the steering pinion shaft.

    The torque sensor is identical in construction to the unit on the S2000. The pinion shaft engages the pinion gear via a torsion bar, which twists slightly when there is a high amount of steering resistance. The amount of twist is in proportion to both the amount of resistance to wheel turning, and to the steering force applied. A pin on the torsion bar engages a diagonal slot in the sensor core, which moves up or down depending on the amount of torsion bar twist, and the direction of rotation. Two coils surrounding the core detect both the amount, and the direction of movement.

    Using this information, the EPS control unit determines both the amount of steering assist required, and the direction. It then supplies current to the motor for steering assist. The amount of assist is also modified in proportion to vehicle speed to maintain good steering feel.

    Torque Sensor
    The torque sensor is a device to detect steering turning direction and read resistance. The sensing section of the torque sensor consists of two coils and a core (slider). The steering input shaft and pinion gear are connected via a torsion bar. The slider is engaged with the pinion gear in a way that it turns together with the pinion gear but can move vertically. A guide pin is provided on the input shaft and the pin is in a slant groove on the slider.

    When road resistance is low, the steering input shaft, pinion gear and slider turn together without the slider’s vertical movement.

    When road resistance is high, the torsion bar twists and causes a difference of steering angle between the input shaft and pinion gear. In other words, the turning angle of the guide pin and slider differ, and the guide pin forces the slider to move upward or downward.

    Source: http://www.insightcentral.net/encyclopedia/eneps.html

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    World-Class Bosch Service now for your car.

    Bosch is renowned worldwide for over 100 years in the field of automotive technology. The Company is synonymous for world-class automotive products. Besides pioneering the manufacturing of components, Bosch has also established over 9200 service centers across the world. Among these is the Bosch Car Service, a state-of-the-art service centre for cars.

    At the Bosch Car Service Centre, your car will be treated with an excellent blend of sophisticated diagnostic equipment and well trained experts who provide quality service. The Bosch Car Service includes all aspects of your car, and each section will receive the best attention from our experts.

    So, drive to the Bosch Car Service Centre today and avail the world-class facility that comes to you at a reasonable cost! Give your car the never before experience and that’s Bosch Car Service for you.

    Bosch Service Advantage

    A brand name that stands for reliability and technology

    Worldwide experience

    Trained personnel

    State-of-the-art equipment

    Comprehensive diagnosis

    A name you car trust on
    Unparalleled customer service

    Genuine Bosch products

    Car serviced in line with German standards

    Breakdown service, just a call away

    Cost benefit

    Service Offered

    • Engine Diagnosis and repairs
    • Vehicle Fault Diagnosis & Repairs
    • ECM Diagnosis using Computer aided service
    • Petrol, Diesel (OBD) Airbags, ABS fault diagnosis
    • Using KTS-550 wit ESI[tronic]
    • Electrical Service
    • Alternator Repair
    • Starter Repair
    • Battery Service
    • Lighting & Beam focusing
    • Injector cleaning and testing

    Using Bosch ASNU injector cleaner
    Air Condition Repair
    Using Tronic fully automatic A/C gas filling equipment, R134 gas supported for all new generation cars
    Wheel Alignment and Balancing
    Using the most sophisticated aligner DSP600 and GSP9700 Balancer from Hunter Engineering, USA
    Painting and accident jobs
    Washing and lubrication
    General service

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