• 25Jun

    No matter which country you are in, Bosch Service centers are there for you in nearly every place where there are cars. More than 6,000 Bosch Car Service auto repair shops in 135 countries provide perfect all-round car services. And another 3,000-plus Bosch Diesel Service centers specialize in diesel injection engines.

    Recently a family of france on a world tour stopped at a Bosch car service in their Iveco Laika Caravan to get a routine checkup. Mr. Guy (http://www.14pattes.com) was assured of getting the world class service of bosch in india.

    Work going on at Fansa Motors Hyderabad (Bosch Car Service)- View Photographs:
    Iveco laika world tour

    Iveco laika world tour

    Iveco laika world tour

    Iveco laika world tour

    Iveco laika world tour

    Iveco laika world tour

    Iveco laika world tour

    Iveco laika world tour

    Top quality worldwide
    It is no coincidence that drivers around the world trust Bosch Car Service. After all, we strive to offer the best auto service organization on the planet.

    We set the highest standards
    The Bosch Service network is based on Bosch quality principles. For this reason, globally-binding minimum standards have been set for the quality of services, buildings, equipment, personnel and activities, and these standards are checked against Bosch Service quality profiles regularly. That is our guarantee to you, our customer.

    So whether you’re at home or at “the other end of the world” – when you take your car to a Bosch Car Service center, it will be in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing. Bosch experts see what your car needs better than anyone else – in the desert just as much as in the snow or tropics.

    Bosch Service garages use professional diagnostic equipment and have access to extensive vehicle information. All staff are well-trained and work to uniform quality standards. Even the buildings and repair shops in each of the 135 countries must meet certain minimum requirements to be admitted as authorized Bosch Car Service centers. Every single one of these repair centers is designed to repair and maintain all car brands quickly and professionally – from the most up-to-date models to more aged vehicles. To preserve the value of your car, we only use quality spare parts from Bosch.

    Bosch Car Service centers therefore provide a complete all-round service. Under our motto “We do everything for your car,” we offer competent advice, professional repairs and perfect services under a single roof – everywhere in the world.

    About Bosch Car Service;
    When it comes to high-quality, affordable maintenance and repairs, look no further than Bosch Car Service! As an expert workshop for all car makes, we are on top of today’s automotive technology and we guarantee optimal maintenance whenever your car needs service.

    At Bosch Car Service, you will find just what you are looking for: Expert advice from our continuously trained workshop staff, highest quality repairs and long lasting spare parts of proven Bosch quality – at affordable prices!

    Put your trust in us and see what our comprehensive service range has to offer!

    The whole service range
    Inspections and oil service
    Maintenance and repairs
    Mechanics and tires
    Electrical systems
    Petrol injection and Diesel technology
    Seasonal checks
    Air conditioning
    Car multimedia
    Our dealer locator makes it fast and easy for you to find a Bosch Car Service near you.

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  • 23Jun

    Innovative Windshield Wiping for Everyone
    Bracketless Bosch Aerotwin windshield wipers can be seen on more and more new models. From November 2004 Bosch will begin releasing new Aerotwin sets for retrofitting to vehicles with conventional wiper arms.

    Aerotwin – the New Generation of Wiper Blades
    Bosch was the first to market with a bracketless wiper blade – Aerotwin. 2004 saw delivery of the 10 millionth Aerotwin as original equipment.More and more vehicle manufacturers are choosing Aerotwin technology.

    A Perfect Match
    The flat and elegant high-tech spring strips on the Aerotwin replace the usual link and bracket configuration.Matched precisely to the curvature of the vehicle windshield. On the retrofit kits, the curvature of the spring strips has been calculated specifically to match the windshield of the vehicle.

    Quick Wiper Blade Change with Quick-Clip
    The new style fastening mechanism with the Quick-Clip adapter allows the flat Aerotwin wiper to hook easily into normal wiper arms. Simply hook the wiper arm into the adapter – changing the wiper blade remains as easy as ever.

    The Advantages at a Glance:
    Proven Aerotwin quality as original equipment
    Superb wipe quality across the entire windshield thanks to customized spring strips
    Longer service life due to even contact pressure
    Less wind noise compared to conventional wiper blades
    Smooth-running coating of wiper lip for even better wiper performance
    Quick and easy wiper change using Quick-Clip adapter
    High levels of customer satisfaction due to top technology and attractive original equipment design
    Easy to locate thanks to “A” for Aerotwin on the customer number

    Self-explanatory packaging

  • 12Jun

    Has your Car crossed 35000km or facing any of these problems?
    Starting – Will not start properly
    Idling – Uneven idling
    Performance – Lacking/Loss of power, Flat spots
    Economy – Poor fuel consumption, Expensive to run.
    Drivability – Drives poorly, hesitates, engine “pings”.
    Emissions – Fails emission test (PUC)
    Lambda Failure – Lacquering up, slow in response.
    Catalyst Failure – Failing or breaking but no fault found.
    Malfunction Indicator Light – Air/Fuel on EOBD

    Get your Injectors cleaned & tested today!
    Using the state-of-the-art BOSCH fuel injector
    testing & ultrasonic cleaning system.

    Ultrasonic cleaning is the only way to
    guarantee the injectors back to their
    original working conditions.

  • 10Jun

    Model: Honda New City
    Problem with the electronic power steering, EPS light glowing at the dash.

    • Wires connecting the Electronic power steering motor (ECU)
    • View of motor above the steering rack
    • Motor from a different angle
    • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) underneath the dashboard driver side
    • 40Ah Fuse located in the engine compartment
  • 10Jun

    Keeping up pace with the ever growing market needs, it gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of a New Product -BOSCH MICROPROCESSOR BASED ULTRASONIC CLEANING EQUIPMENT – which has been added to the Diagnostics Basket.
    This is an upgraded version of the existing UCE, which shall be no more available.


    • An absolutely clear alpha-numerical LCD display with backlit.
    • Completely water-proof flushed SS body making it almost water tight.
    • Tamper proof front panel.
    • Suitable for continuous operation.
    • Fully transistorized generator.

    Part No – F002H32077 4AR
    Alpha No – ( H-S/EFEP 255 )

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