• 31Dec

    Free Service checkup worth 500 Rupees

    • Computer Diagnosis (ECU)

  • 24Dec
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  • 06Dec

    Motor Industries Company Ltd., also popularly known as Mico has grown with the Indian industry. We
    are the largest auto component manufacturer in the country. We are also growing strongly in our
    non-automotive businesses like Power Tools, Security Technology and Packaging Technology with
    market leadership in many of these segments. Behind all this has always been Bosch.
    The Indian market is changing and so is Mico. To secure our market growth in the future amidst
    growing globalisation of the Indian market, it is important that our company name is also aligned to
    the name Bosch.
    As you receive this mail, Dr. Bernd Bohr, Chairman of the Automotive Group, Robert Bosch GmbH, is
    making a press announcement regarding the change of our company name from Motor Industries
    Company Ltd. to Bosch Ltd . The proposal was approved by the Board of Directors at a Board
    meeting this morning. The new name will come into effect after approval of the shareholders and
    Registrar of Companies. We expect this change to be effective latest from February 2008.
    The new name reflects our strong heritage and reaffirms the commitment of Bosch to the Indian
    market and its flagship company – now Bosch Ltd. A commitment seen not only through the recent
    increase in shareholding in our company but also through the big investments being made by our
    company in existing and new business areas. This coupled with the inherent strength of our company
    and its associates will make us even stronger in meeting market needs and securing future growth.
    The name change does not indicate a change in our brand strategy. The brand MICO remains
    valuable to us and we will continue to use the brand particularly in the automotive aftermarket.
    Our Board of Directors announced today changes in the Company’s Management team with effect
    from 1st February 2008. Dr. Albert Hieronimus, who headed Mico for the past four years as
    Managing Director, is to be appointed Chairman of the Board of Management of Bosch Rexroth AG
    in Germany. Mr. V K Viswanathan, will be appointed as the new Managing Director of our company.
    At the same time, Dr. Manfred Duernholz, Senior Vice President Engineering, Diesel Systems
    Division, Germany will join as a member of the Board as Joint Managing Director – Product area
    Powertrain ( Diesel and Gasoline business). Our present Chairman, Mr. Hubert Zimmerer, retires
    after having attained the age of 70 this year. Dr. Albert Hieronimus takes over from Mr. Zimmerer as
    the new Chairman of our company and thus his association with India will continue.
    We look forward to your continued support and co-operation as we endeavour to reach new heights
    with you.

  • 03Dec

    Bosch has launched the glow plug for Toyota Qualis. These are pencil type Glow Plugs which are in demand throughout the year.
    Application : Toyota Qualis

    Part No. : F002G50065 – Singles
    MRP – Rs.495/plug

    Part Nos.: F002G50077 – Set of four
    MRP – Rs.1900


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