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    To be ahead of competition, Fansa Motors now provides wireless Internet connection for its customers. Besides reading newspaper or magazine, now they can browse the web and check their e-mails as well. This will enable Bosch Car Service customers to maximize their time and keep them connected while waiting for their cars.

    Fansa Motors is the first Bosch Car Service to provide a wireless Internet connection service for its customers. It is equipped with a 2.4 Ghz operating frequency wireless access point and capable of transmitting data at 54Mbps maximum, made available by Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connection. With the transmission covering a maximum distance of 100 meters, the whole area of our workshop is covered.

    How do I access Wi-Fi ?

    To access Wi-Fi, you need to have a Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop or PDA). These devices can send and receive data wirelessly from any location equipped with Wi-Fi access. The data is transmitted over an RF signal from an ‘Access Point’ installed within our workshop.

    Your laptop or PDA should have any internet browser. You need to ask for a Network security code from us. This code will allow you to access the Wi-Fi service.

    Please feel free to ask us for the service.

    *Subject to availability, you adhere to the terms & condition while using the service.


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