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    Drive belts:

    Setting off reliably
    Drive belts are subject to enormous mechanical, chemical and thermal strain. Characteristics like high resistance to friction and temperature changes make the top-class drive belts from Bosch such successful products.

    High performance and long life
    The number of components requiring electric power has grown steadily in recent years. Batteries must therefore meet ever higher requirements. Starter batteries from Bosch are long-lasting, reliable in every weather and can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. more..

    Brake systems:
    optimal security
    One of the most important security components of a vehicle is the brake system. All brake components are relevant to security. You can always rely on the highest quality brake systems and components from Bosch. Launching soon in India

    Clean performance
    Filters stop harmful substances from entering or being induced. The wide range of filters from Bosch includes suitable filters for almost every kind of vehicle.

    Glow plugs:
    Lifespan doubled thanks to an innovative glow tube material
    The high grade glow tube material of our Duraterm-Chromium line consists of an improved nickel-chrome alloy that provides efficient protection against corrosion and thereby increases service life by 100 percent.

    It all comes down to power
    We have everything your engine needs to start perfectly: Spark plugs, ignition circuits, ignition coils and plastic marten protection pipes.

    Windscreen wipers:
    Good visibility for extra safety
    With a new type of wiper rubber, improved wiper blade technology and tried and tested long-life performance, our windscreen wipers ensure ideal visibility and increased security.

    Horns and fanfares:
    Strong signals for safety-minded drivers
    Bosch high-performance fanfares and horns have a pure warning tone and always work even under the harshest conditions. They are made of particularly high-quality materials and can be easily installed in any car.

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