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    The Bosch Motoring Mileage Run 2007 is conducted on a TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) format, real world event where the competitors will aim to maximise their cars’ fuel efficiency. The event is run on public roads, at normal speeds and aim to establish what the cars are really capable of in fuel economy terms. Without any closed road, ultra-low speed or other unrealistic conditions. The event participants are car manufacturers, who will field a team of maximum two cars each. Automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Hyundai, Skoda Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors India, Nissan and Audi participated in this unique event. The cars compete in five categories:

    Cars under 1200cc
    Petrol cars over 1200cc
    Diesel cars over 1200cc
    SUV Open Class
    2000cc and above open class
    The Bosch Motoring Mileage Run 2007 was held on 7th February 2007 between Panvel and Chiplun in the state of Maharashtra. The Bosch Business Standard Motoring Mileage run 2007 was a first-of-its-kind event where car manufacturers competed with each other for attaining maximum fuel efficiency from their cars.

    The results of the Bosch BSM Mileage Run 2007 revealed some incredible fuel efficiency figures for various automobiles in real world conditions.

    By getting associated with this national event, organised by an impartial and authentic authority (BS Motoring), and with car makers themselves becoming participants, BOSCH got generous recall in the minds of people.

    On 8th February 2007, Mr. S. Muralidharan, SAA -MKT awarded the BOSCH – BSM Mileage Run trophies to the winners at a mega function organised in Mumbai. The run-up to the event, and the final event, and the post event publicity were covered in the three diverse media of Business Standard: newspaper, internet and the monthly automotive magazine. The organisers also had banners, stickers, and posters put up at vantage points in Mumbai, apart from advertisements in FM radio, and Bus back panels. Over and above this, the actual event was covered by all the specialist and general media, including Zee TV, thus giving tremendous visibility and mileage for Bosch.

    Some of the photographs taken during the occasion are given below :

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