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    Get a Discount coupon of Rs. 225/- on purchase of Bridgestone Tyres.

    The coupon entitle you to a discount of 225/- (on MRP), from any Bosch Main Distributor, Bosch Authorised Worshop, Bosch Car Service or Main Stockist, on purchase of any of the following products:

    • Filters – Diesel Filters, Petrol Filters, Lube Oil, Air Filters, Cabin Filters
    • Spark Plugs
    • Batteries
    • Horns 
    • Brake Pads
    • Bulbs
    • Wiper Blades
    • Lubricants
    • Glow Plugs
    • Labour charged at Bosch Car Service 
    1. The coupons is valid till 30th November 2009 only
    2. The coupon cannot be echanged for cash or any other benefit
    3. The decision of the company with respect to all matters connected with this offer will be final, binding and non-contested
  • 23May

    h8h11bulbH8: F002H50109
    12v, 35w
    Holder: PGJ 19-1

    H11: F002H50110
    12v, 55w
    Holder: PGJ 19-2

    Price: Rs. 291.00

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  • 22Aug


    H4 – Bulbs
    The conventional headlight halogen bulb for 4 wheeler & 6 wheeler application Available 12 V & 24 V application with excellent coverage ie 60/55 , 75/70 100/90 Watts Using halogen technology, double filament, Hard glass High visbility in conditions of rain & fog, Long life

    Resistance to vibration with supports leading to increased life regardless of the road condition
    Optimum level of light for drivers comfort & safety Tungsten filament for higher life

    H3 – Bulbs – Fog Bulbs
    High penetration in conditions of Fog, rain & snow.
    Available in 55W/70W ie 12V, 24V For 4 / 6 wheeler application

    H1 & H7 Bulbs


    • High lumen efficacy single filament
    • UV Block quartz glass
    • High potassium content tungsten filament
    • High-pressure halogen gas filling
    • Beam angle controlled by positioning the filament inside the envelope
    • Halogen gas


    • More lumens light on road
    • Prevents damage to plastic headlamps
    • Resistance to vibrations
    • Prevents filaments evaporation
    • Prevents scattering of light
    • Prevents blackening of glass

    Application: Toyota Camry, Honda City, Chevrolet Optra, Fiat Palio, Hyundai Sonata, Tata Safari (Dicor), Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Elantra

    MAX bulbs
    Used for all two wheeler application ie mopeds , motorcycles , scooters Excellent range for all application using Halogen technolgy , better light for safety and visibility.
    Available for 25/25 & 35/35 & all bases types

    Bosch Bulbs

    Bosch Bulbs

    i 2 Bulbs, Stop & Tail , Miniature bulbs
    I 2 bulbs from Bosch Ltd. comes with superior quality resulting in higher life used for all application like two wheelers , 3 wheelers , Tractor application

    HS1 bulb
    HS1 is a new range halogen bulb with a PX 43t fitting. The only difference between the HS1 and an H4 halogen bulb, is that the middle pin at the base is 1-2mm thicker. Hence the notation PX 43t compared to P43t. The HS1 will become the standard bulb for all new 2 wheelers launched.

    Lamp Type     Voltage      Wattage      Lumens       Base     MRP
    HS1               12              35/35        825/525       PX43t     79.50

    Applications to date:
    Bajaj : Boxer CT, Caliber, Caliber Chroma, Eliminator; Bajaj Pulsar 150 (KS),Pulsar 150 (DTS-i), Pulsar 180 (New), Wind 125, Hero Honda CD 100SS Splendor, Splendor Plus, Karizma, Passion, Passion Plus, CBZ, Ambition, CD Dawn Kinetic Velocity; LML Graptor,Freedom 125, Freedom (DLX); TVS Fiero F2

  • 10Aug

    Innovations in component engineering have shaped the history of the automobile. Stocking auto components from world’s largest suppliers of automotive equipment.

    Complete range of genuine spare available from the following vendors:

    • BOSCH – MICO
    • MGP (Maruti Genuine Part)
    • Acdelco (Suspension, Driveshaft)
    • Delphi (Suspension, A/c, Driveshaft)
    • Talbros (Suspension, Steering)
    • Rane (Suspension, Steering)
    • Champion (Spark Plugs)
    • Valeo (Clutch)
    • Subros (A/c Systems)
    • Brakes India (Brake parts)
    • KBX (Brake Parts)
    • Lucas TVS (Starter & Generators)
    • Purolator (Air, Fuel Filters)
    • TVS Rubber (Rubber Parts, Mounts)
    • Bridgestone (Radial Tyres)
    • Castrol (Lubricants)
    • Lumax (Lamps, Bulbs)
    • Wurth (Imported Bulbs)
    • 3M (Body Care)
    • Senior Rubber (Rubber Components)
  • 12Feb

    Features & Benefits
    • High lumen efficacy single filament – More lumens light on road
    • UV Block quartz glass – Prevents damage to plastic headlamps
    • High potassium content tungsten – Resistance to vibrations filament
    • High pressure controlled by Prevents scattering of light positioning the filament inside theenvelope
    • Halogen gas Prevents blackening of light

    Part No Type Volts / Watts MRP
    F002H50037 H7 12V/80W 180
    F002H50035 H7 12V/55W 170
    F002H50036 H1 12V/80W 80
    F002H50034 H1 12V/55W 75


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